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In the city, depressive problems caused by the pandemic have worsened in recent months amid fears of "catastrophic events" like the struggle in Ukraine and economic fallout. Psychologist Capriuoli tells Baritoday: "Financial difficulties fuel the unfavorable attitude of the inhabitants of Bari"

Last Thursday at 4:58 p.m. Health

Advice from medical psychologist Chiara Maiuri on the elimination of objects and the memories associated with them, to give a method to the new and the beautiful

Monday March 21 Health

Stress and anxiety are very difficult emotions to manage: let's try to understand what exactly stress is and what is the easiest way to control it

tuesday february 1 Health

Spending long nocturnal days completely at home, giving up free time and experiencing a feeling of isolation weakens the inner balance and therefore that of the couple. Expert Advice

April 23, 2020 reality

The establishment could be inaugurated on September 1, thanks to the financing of three psychologists under 35 from Bari. Damato: "We offer another service for long queues at the Policlinico"

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